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Admissions Process.

At the May School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders, our two main objectives during the admission process are to share information about our school services with families and professionals, and to work to determine if a student will be an appropriate fit for our school.

We realize that each student has a different learning style and unique skill set, and our priority is to help meet the individual needs of each student accepted into our program.

Please note: A referral or Admissions Application is not required to begin the inquiry process or to tour our school. We welcome anyone who is interested, school personnel and families alike, to schedule a visit at any time.

Step 1: Referral Submission

The admissions process for a student begins with a referral to the school. A referral packet should be sent to our Program Director, Andrea Potoczny-Gray. Typically the referral source is the public school district or, in some cases, the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). If a student is not funded through the school district, a parent may submit a private pay referral for their child. Once Andrea receives the referral packet, she will begin the review process with our school’s clinical and educational team.

Step 2: Referral Review

During the review process, the team may request additional materials or ask to speak with other parties who are knowledgeable about the student. We will also contact the referral source and the family to schedule a visit to the school and a screening of the student.

Step 3: School Tour & Screening

Andrea will provide a tour of the school and conduct the student’s screening in collaboration with other team members. If the family is seeking a residential placement, Andrea will also provide a tour of one our community-based residential homes.

The final admissions decision is usually made within 1-5 business days following the screening. Andrea will inform the referral source and the family of our final admissions decision.

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