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Research & Publications.

The May Center for Applied Research

The May Center for Applied Research Directs and supports comprehensive research activities within May Institute’s continuum of educational and healthcare services. The Center reflects a long tradition and vision of the Institute as an active research organization. It is a regional network of programs and services that support site research teams, create an organizational framework for research, and define the organization’s research scope and direction. The Center provides staff training, a research newsletter, and coordination of peer review and the Professional Advisory Boards. Its programs benefit from the resources of the May Center Professional Development and affiliations with leading universities and medical centers.

Center-Based Research and Peer Review Teams

Research teams are established at all service settings across May Institute. The teams meet monthly with the Director of the May Center for Applied Research to plan, develop, and review research projects. Teams regularly engage in peer review and receive feedback and support regarding the dissemination of research findings through publications and conference presentation.