May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders

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Family Partnerships.

We fully understand the unique, complex, and sometimes overwhelming needs that accompany the range of diagnoses of the students we serve, and how these needs can profoundly impact a family.

At the May Center School, our Family Services staff work closely with parents on a wide variety of issues. This partnership not only results in the best possible care for students, but it also provides families with the necessary support, information, and guidance throughout their child’s journey.

Each student at the school is assigned to a Family Services Coordinator, as well as to a member of the following departments: Educational Services; Community Living (for residential students); Nursing; and, for students 14 years and older, Transitional Education. Depending on their needs, students may also receive services from the Rehabilitation and Clinical Behavioral teams, and from Counseling Services.

Our Family Services staff members are personal advocates for students and parents both inside and outside the school. They are helpful in resolving day-to-day issues, committed to protecting students’ rights and privacy, and available to provide emotional and practical support when families must make important decisions about “next steps,” such as employment training and placement, and independent living.

A Family Services staff member coordinates a student’s services with all other team members and departments, streamlining communication for families and making sure that each child’s individual and often-changing needs are met. Parents of day students have daily correspondence with their child’s teachers via a communication notebook, sent home nightly. Parents of residential students have access to numerous modes of communication, including regular phone calls and communication logs that travel home with the student on weekends.