May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders

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Medical Care.

At the May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders, we are committed to providing excellent medical care. Many of our students require specialized medical services and have conditions that must be carefully monitored. Our on-site nurses provide 24/7 primary care nursing coverage; two nurses are on-call at all times. 

We offer:
  • Medical, therapeutic, and counseling services
  • Direct and collaborative physical and occupational therapy
  • Direct and collaborative speech and language pathology
  • Specialty clinics (orthotics, equipment, and pediatric psychiatry)
  • On-site nursing care

We work closely with families and treating physicians to provide each student with an individualized healthcare plan. Each student is assigned to a specific nursing case manager who is accessible to parents and guardians. Registered nurses handle all medication administration at the school. 

We provide transportation to and from medical appointments outside the school for residential students. Laboratory services are available for all students. A consultative physician is on-site on a weekly basis, and a consultative psychiatrist visits the school three times each month.