May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders

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Our multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation combines highly qualified, caring professionals with best practice treatment techniques.

Students spend quality one-on-one time with occupational (OT), physical (PT), and speech therapists to improve daily living, fine and gross motor, and communication skills. Students also have access to specialty services including psychiatry, orthotics, and audiology clinics.

A dedicated team of registered nurses is on site to meet a broad range of medical needs on a daily basis. 

Equally important to a child’s physical rehabilitation is mental and social recovery. Every member of a child’s treatment team works tirelessly to help him or her adjust to the psychological, emotional, and social changes that take place following a neurological injury. Social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, special education teachers, and staff with expertise in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and neurological impairments are a part of this important interdisciplinary team.