May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders

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A Day in the Life.

Because each student’s diagnosis, challenges, and goals are different, each student's daily routine will differ. As students successfully move through their programs, their routines may change to reflect new challenges and milestones that await them. 

The sample schedule below offers a glimpse into a typical day of a residential student at our school.

   7:00 AM Wake-up and breakfast
   8:15 AM Leave for school
   8:45 AM Classes begin – morning group and daily planning
   9:15 AM IEP programs and skills
   9:45 AM OT/PT/SLP pull-out and collaborative
   10:15 AM Gym class
   11:30 AM Academic groups (social studies, math, English, etc.)
   12:30 PM Lunch
   1:00 PM IEP programs and skills, vocational/volunteer activities, independent living skills development
   3:15 PM Afternoon group
   3:45 PM Dismissal from school
   4:15 PM House meeting (How was your day?), evening planning
   4:30 PM Programs, IEP objectives, visit to the YMCA and grocery store, errands, house assignments, etc.
   6:00 PM Dinner, prepared as a group
   7:00 PM Free time
   8:30 PM Begin bedtime routines
   8:30 – 10 PM Bedtime (varies by age)